ABOUT OUR PASTOR - Rev. Dr. James Jason Minnick

Compassionate … Humble … Visionary
“If I can help somebody as I pass along … if I can cheer somebody with a word or song … if I can show somebody that’s he’s traveling wrong … then my living shall not be in vain!”
With a vision mandate to spread the gospel to the world, since 2001, James Jason Minnick has faithfully served the metro-Detroit community as pastor of Mt. Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church (MPMBC).  Anointed and Holy Ghost filled, he was licensed to preach in 1997 and ordained two years later. Admired, revered and respected across the country, his passionate love for Christ is reflected in every aspect of his ministry. Committed to improving the lives of others, he places a premium emphasis on families, youth and seniors leading a spirit-filled body of believers that are committed, ever-growing and on fire for the Lord.  With pride, he fondly and modestly refers to MPMBC (also known as “The Mount”) as “the growing church on Detroit’s east side.” A lifelong resident of Detroit, Michigan, Pastor Minnick literally grew up at The Mount and has been a faithful member and integral contributor since joining as a teenager under the leadership of the late Rev. Collis O. Stewart. A courageous leader and mentor, he remains a constant and positive influencer for others, particularly when it comes to our youth who he continually encourages to never stop striving.  Ever ready to share a warm hug or embrace, he is quick to remind them that they are important to him … but more important to God. 
Committed to making church more relevant and fun, he takes great care in connecting with them at their level, as most recently demonstrated by his intent to renovate and transform the church’s entire lower level into a state-of-the-art Youth Activity Center designed for and by the young people. In developing others, Pastor Minnick has ordained ten deacons and six ministers, two of which were called to pastor their own churches.  As well, he has been bold and innovative in launching a wealth of new ministries to meet the interests and needs of individuals and families – both within and outside the church walls.  Impactful and relevant, ministries instituted under Pastor Minnick’s leadership include:
While all are important, among his favorites is the men’s ministry.  For the past several years he has led an ever-growing contingent of young, adult and senior men on an annual retreat where they bask in a time of learning, bonding, fun and fellowship. He considers the retreat his “vacation time” and is especially pleased at how “they allow me to be one of the boys!” With a deep love of music – especially gospel, it’s not surprising to find him launching into a classic like “Blessed Quietness,” meditating to “Total Praise” or tapping his foot to “Marvelous.”  Dedicated to teaching and studying the Word, in quiet reflective moments, he takes solace and comfort in hiding his heart in favored scriptures like Joshua 24:15, I John 4:19 and Psalm 27.  A lover of the great outdoors, he also enjoys being near the open water and family trips to Florida – especially during the winter months. A devoted husband and father, for more than twenty years he has been married to his soulmate Tara, affectionately known as the “Spiritual Firecracker.”  They are loving parents to their daughter Maya and her husband Brian. Collectively, the first family is committed to the spiritual vision that God has commissioned him to fulfill at The Mount.  A staunch advocate for education – especially higher education, he practices what he preaches and holds dual Bachelor’s degrees in Business Management and Theology, a Masters of Theology degree and a Doctorate of Divinity. The prophetic visionary behind MPMBC’s ambitious “Vision 2020” growth plan, Pastor Minnick’s heart, compassion and humility are the anchors to fulling God’s desire to elevate him in the Word.  As he follows Christ, he sets a daily example of leadership and dedication that encourages others do the same at The Mount.  You’re invited to worship with us.  With expectation, “come expecting a blessing.”